perjantai 9. joulukuuta 2011

Long time, no sea

Here's some thoughts on the newfaggotry of our dear newfags.
Trolling with elegance has always been a big part of my past time hobbies. In fact I don't only consider it as a hobby. It's almost a lifestyle, for me at least.
I'm very much surprised by the amount of trolls out there nowadays. So it's great to see that this intellectual pursuit on exploiting other peoples falsified beliefs and making them attack them selves is gaining a foothold amongst our fellow trolls.

As expressed by the words of one great man:
"It's not so much about basking in the glory of a successful troll, but a self inflated source of personal relief, a source of power we all trolls can be proud of, while glorifying our intelligence to the divine height it deserves and as it truthfully commits to our hive minded collective consciousness."

I approve of this message.

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